What God Says About Abortion

Many Would Not Be Here
When she was twenty weeks pregnant, Leeann Phelan went to the doctor for a routine pre-natal check-up. Her doctor discovered something that concerned him, so he referred her to another hospital. A second battery of doctors gave Leeann the terrible news: her baby was missing part of his brain, and the part that was missing was the area that would ultimately control his ability to move. Doctor’s told Leeann that her baby had Dandy-Walker Syndrome, a congenital brain malformation, and they said he would never be able to leave a wheel chair. Naturally, Leann was devastated as she thought about the future. Her doctors actually encouraged her to have an abortion, arguing that a pre-born fetus at 20 weeks was not viable anyway. The pressure from her doctors was considerable, and Leeann nearly listened to them. Her pregnancy was difficult and she even had to induce labor 13 weeks early for medical reasons. Her son, Jayden, weighed only 2 pounds, 7 ounces and was only 6 inches long. But as it turned out, the doctors misdiagnosed Jayden and he grew to be a healthy baby boy; he doesn’t have Dandy-Walker Syndrome after all. Looking back at it, Leeann can’t believe she almost aborted Jayden.

Leeann serves as a reminder for all of us; we are often too quick to decide that a life is meaningless, and our culture often encourages us not to seek God on these issues, but to react quickly to serve ourselves:

A recent poll of couples in New England revealed that, if they were able to know these things in advance, 1 percent of them would abort a child on the basis of sex, 6 percent would abort a child likely to get Alzheimer’s disease, and an incredible 11 percent would abort a child predisposed to obesity. Can you see how quick we are to serve ourselves?

Pregnancy and Abortion Statistics
Do you realize that there are 6.3 million pregnancies every year in America? That seems like a natural expectation and God certainly is not opposed to pregnancy in the context of a marriage! Did you realize that of these 6.3 million pregnancies, 3 million are unintended? Not every one of us reading this article is here because our parents tediously and meticulously planned it! But all of us are here because God planned it! The latestest statistics from the Center for Desease Control report that of those 3 million unintended pregnancies, approximately 839,226 are aborted every year. That’s an incredible number. To help us bring it into perspective, that number translates into 2,299 abortions every day, and if you calculate the numbers, that means that in the next 60 minutes, 95 abortions will have occurred. It’s easy to take that for granted until you put a face to the act of abortion. So to make that possible (as disturbing as it may be), we’ve provided you with a video from ABORT73.COM. The images in this video are very disturbing, so be ready. But they are REAL:

This video used by permission from Abort73.com.
Abortion footage comes from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

So why do people have abortions? The culture would like you to believe that abortions are a medical necessity and that they save millions of lives every year, the lives of mothers who would otherwise die if they did not have an abortion. The reality is quite different. 21% of women say they had an abortion because they didn’t think they could afford the baby. 21% said they didn’t want the responsibility. Another 16% said they didn’t want their life to change, and 12% said they didn’t want a problem in their relationship with a spouse or boyfriend. That means that the vast majority of women have an abortion for reasons of convenience! Do you realize that only 3% had a possible health problem, and only 1% suffered rape or incest! Don’t let the world try to tell you that abortions are a medical necessity! They are a medical convenience!

Now we are going to cover a lot of scientific and philosophical; information that is derived from the work of a great thinker on this issue named Scott Klusendorf. Scott works for an organization called “Life Training Institute”, and he is the source of much of the following information. Scott’s work is very powerful, and I have never heard a better, more reasoned approach to this issue. I invite you to visit his site regularly!

Hey Can I Kill This?
But let’s jump in and tackle the real issues behind the abortion controversy. I want you to join me on a trip to the back woods of northeast Texas as Jimmy and David and I go fishing. Imagine that we are standing at the edge of the lake and casting our lines. Jim and Dave are standing behind me when one of them says, “Pop, can I kill this?” Now the answer to that question is going to vary depending on what “this” is! If I turn around and see that he is talking about a scorpion that is crawling up his leg, I will say, “yeah, kill it!” if he is talking about one of the thousands of poisonous snakes that are EVERYWHERE, I would also tell him to do what he has to do. And even if you might not agree with my position on these two creatures, you would probably agree that if I turn around and see him talking about one of the trillions of huge nasty deer flies that love to suck your blood, you’re also not going to have much problem with an aggressive action! But if I turn around and see that he is talking about a kitten or the neighbor girl who has just walked up out of the meadow, I will undoubtedly take another stance on the issue! When one of the boys asks me, “Hey Pop, can I kill this?” I first have to ask the question, “What is it that you want to kill?” This question is at the heart of my answer and it is also at the heart of the abortion controversy!

We Are Killing Something
See no one on either side of the Pro-Life / Pro-Choice argument disagrees with the fact that we are killing something. Do you realize that? No one is arguing about this at all! The issue is, what are we killing? Are we simply destroying an unwanted outgrowth of the human involved? Something as unwanted as a wart or mole? Or are we killing something that is independently human? A living creature as human as the host person in question?

Is It About Privacy?
The world would like to distract us on the issue of abortion and get us to stop looking at the issue of whether or not this fetus is a human and refocus on self serving issues. First they would like us to focus on the issue of PRIVACY. Pro-Choice organizations want to argue that women need to have the right to privacy when it comes to their own bodies. They should be able to keep government out of their personal lives altogether. It’s their body, it should be their choice, that’s the argument.

So Is It OK To Abuse My Kids Privately?
Well that assumes that the fetus is simply an unwanted growth, and not a real human life. Because if the fetus is a human life, then we are arguing that it’s OK to kill so long as I can do it privately! What if I took the position that it should be OK to abuse and beat my three year old as long as I do it privately. What would you think? See if the fetus is a lump of un-needed tissue, this is not an issue, but if it is a real life, it is another thing altogether!

Is It About Economic Hardship?
Pro-Choicers will also try to distract you into believing that the issue is a matter of economic hardship. They will say that it is unfair to force people in poverty to have more kids than they could possible afford. Even in our own nation there are many kids who are born into poverty. How can we force people into this position if they cannot terminate a pregnancy?

So Can I Kill My 3 Year Old If It Will Make Life Easier?
Again, this assumes that the fetus is a clump of tissue and not a real life! If economic hardship gets to determine the fate of children, then I guess it’s OK to kill my 3 year old if it will make life easier for the rest of my family! If that is true, I better start getting rid of all my kids, because I want that new Hummer! if the fetus is a human life, murder cannot be justified by economic hardship!

Is It About Safety?
Many Pro-Choicers will try to argue that the real issue is safety. They will tell you that abortions have always occurred and always will. If we were to outlaw abortion, women will be forced bake into the dark alleys of America to get the procedure done. They argue that the legalization of abortion has secured the safety of millions and millions of women.

Should We Legalize Robbery?
But that still assumes that the fetus is an unwanted growth and not a human life. After all, if the fetus is a human, then the procedure is murder and that is still a felony in this country, last time I checked. So why should the safety of the person committing the felony be an issue? Should we legalize robbery so that it will be safer for robbers? After all robbery is dangerous! Why should people have to risk their lives just to steal $50.00? Clearly we don’t legalize felonious behavior to make it safer for the felon. We don’t allow immoral and unethical behavior to make it safer for the sinner. And if the fetus is a human being, the behavior is clearly murder.

Is It About Forcing Morality?
Finally, many Pro-Choicers argue that when we try to limit their ability to obtain abortions, we are in essence, forcing our morality on them. In a country where we embrace diversity and pluralism, this seems incredibly offensive. Remember that our culture does not want to agree on a common universal truth. In fact, the culture would argue that there is no absolute truth or absolute morality. Just because we believe that abortion is murder, they don’t want to be in a position where we can force that opinion on them.

So Should a Mom Force Her Morality on Her Unborn Child?
Again, that assumes that the fetus is not a living human being! If it is a human, then the mother’s decision to abort the baby (to kill the baby) is perhaps the greatest example of forced morality we can think of! Her decision to abort forces her morality on the baby, and demonstrates the hypocrisy of the argument!

Look, on both sides of this argument, we all agree on one thing: we ARE killing SOMETHING. That is absolutely undisputed. When you have an abortion, you kill something. The only question is, “what are we killing”

When Is It a Life?
When you get into discussions with pro-choicers on the topic of abortion, remember to stay focused on the real issues! The issue is not privacy, or economic hardship, or safety, or forced morality! Those questions don’t matter and we’ve just demonstrated that. The real issue is one simple question: “WHAT IS IT”? Here is the battle ground. If the fetus is not human, we should all join the ranks of the pro-choicers. If the fetus IS human, then pro-choicers are supporting murder. So the question then becomes, “When exactly does the fetus become a human life?” Is it at the point of conception or at some other time in the development of the baby? We have to answer this question and take a position before we can support one side or the other of the debate!

Gee I Don’t Know
Sometimes when you get into this discussion you will find that pro-choicers won’t even take a position on this issue at all. They will tell you that no one knows when the fetus becomes human. They will argue that we can’t agree on this issue, therefore the decision must be left to the mother! Don’t let them off that easy! If I was a demolition worker and you came to watch me demolish a building with some explosives, and you asked me before I detonated the build, “Hey is there anyone still in the building?” and I said “Gee, I don’t know!”, you think I was either an idiot or a reckless unethical person! I certainly can’t destroy the building until I know that there is no life inside! If I am going to fault on one side or the other in this situation, I am going to have to hold off and stop the demolition until we get this figured out. FIRST you check to make sure no one is inside, THEN you destroy the building! The abortion issue is no different. If we don’t know when life begins, then we have to fault on the side of life, not murder!

Development of the Fetus
Let’s take a look at what we DO know about the development of a fetus. We do know that from the point of conception you have the exact same DNA structure that you have now. Everything that you need to become who you are is present already! It’s just undeveloped! We also know that at 18 days you have a detectable heartbeat. At 40 days you have measurable brainwaves. And at 9 to 14 weeks, you can feel pain. These are measurable, quantifiable truths about the fetus. By 9 weeks, you have a DNA identity, a heart that is beating, a brain that is functioning, and a nervous system that is working completely.

According to the latest statistics from the Center for Desease Control, 61% of reported legal induced abortions were known to have been obtained at 8 weeks’ gestation or less (refer to the first and second pictures above). 87% were reported to occur at 12 weeks or less (third picture). Shockingly, there were still a significant number of abortions that occured after 15 weeks’ gestation: 3.7% at 16 to 20 weeks (31,051 abortions) and 1.3% at more than 21 weeks (10,909 abortions). Take a good look at the last two photos and imagine an argument that would allow anyone to consider these babies as anything less than living human beings! Our position here today is absolutely clear. As Christian we believe that these abortions are murder. Why? Because we believe that life begins at the point of conception. Period. Take a look at what a baby looks like in the womb in these pictures. It is clear that the embryo is a human being, at least from a morphological perspective!

You Did Not Evolve From A Zygote
A zygote is that initial fertilized egg, that first form of life at the point of conception. Abortionists want us to believe that we EVOLVED from a zygote! What does that mean? It means that they believe that humans are not human at this point. They believe that this is some other form of life that eventually evolves into humanity. But that violates an important principle in genetic and science called the “principle of biogenesis”. This principle and scientific law says that a species produces in its own kind. Dogs conceive dogs, rats conceive rats, horses conceive horses. And in a similar way, humans conceive humans. What is the zygote in the womb of the mother. It is a human! Don’t let them tell you that you evolved from a zygote. The truth is that you ONCE WERE a zygote!

S – L – E – D
Look, as Christians, we argue that the embryo, even from the point of conception, is a living human. And we can make this argument philosophically. We are going to review something we talked about last Summer, because it describes the truth and is an easy way to remember our position when debating with people who support abortion. We believe that there are only four things that make the unborn different form the born, and we believe these four things are NOT significant at all! The word, “SLED” can be used to help us remember them! Let’s take a look:

The first difference between the unborn and the born is the difference of SIZE. Clearly the unborn are much smaller that the newborn! But since when does one’s size determine how human someone is. Is Shaq more human than you or I, just because he is huge? Size does not determine humanity. And size should not be held against the fetus!

But if size was a determining factor, small people should be eliminated from consideration for many things, because they are less human than the rest of us!

The next thing that makes the unborn different form the newborn is the fetus’ LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT. Clearly a fetus is far less developed that a newborn.

But that is also true after birth! There are times in your life, as you grow up when you were less developed than you are now! Were you less human? Was J-Lo less human at four than she is today? At four, she was certainly less developed! Before puberty she was not developed enough to have children and hormonally she was far less developed than she is today. That is true for all of us! It is a scientific fact. But our underdevelopment has nothing to do with our humanity. You would not say it is OK to kill a four year old, because she has not yet developed into a woman!

The third difference between the unborn and the newborn is ENVIRONMENT. It is true that the fetus is INSIDE the womb and the newborn is outside of the womb.

But since when does location determine your humanity? If I walk outside, is my humanity changed? Am I no longer a human? There was a baby named Rachel that was born prematurely at 22 weeks of age. Many abortions occur at this point in the development of a fetus. But this baby was nurtured through the infant crisis unit and survived and is now a healthy child. When did she become human? Clearly she survived and is human now. Was she not a human the second before she was delivered and a human a second after she was delivered? Location has nothing to do with your humanity!

The final difference between the unborn and the newborn is the issue of DEGREE OF DEPENDENCY, and it seems that most pro-abortion folks spend a lot of time arguing this point as a proof that the fetus is not human. They argue something called “VIABILITY”, and say that is the life cannot support itself outside the womb; it is not a life at all. They argue that it is dependant on the mother and this lack of independence disqualifies it as a human life. It is simply part of the mom, like a wart or a mole.

But if you have to be completely independent to be a human being, than many of us who are living today are not human. Everyone who requires a pacemaker, everyone who requires insulin, everyone who requires kidney dialysis, these folks must not be human either because they cannot survive on their own. That is clearly ridiculous and it is about the equivalent of saying that a space man is not human while he is in space because he is in a hostile environment disconnected from the air he needs and must rely on his space suit to survive. This guy wouldn’t last ten seconds in that environment, much like the earliest of fetuses. He would surely die and he is dependant on the suit for life. Never-the-less, he is still human!

In Every Way That Matters
So you can see from a purely philosophical perspective that it is ridiculous to argue that the four things that make an unborn different than a newborn are totally insignificant. In every way that matters philosophically, in every way that matters scientifically, in every way that matters to God, the fetus is human from the very pint of conception. Now you have some tools to be able to make your case! Now we’ve argued the point from science and from philosophy, but do you think that God has an opinion on all of this? Of course he does, and you need to know that sound reasoning and the pursuit of truth ALWAYS aligns with God’s Word because God is the source of this truth! Let’s take a look at what God says:

God is the Creator of All Human Life
First, you need to know that God is the creator of everything that science has discovered about life. Clearly there a some mysteries in the precise way in which we are formed in the womb, and science has not yet uncovered all the answers! But God tells us that we will never know precisely, because this is truly a work of God:

Ecclesiastes 11:5
Just as you’ll never understand the mystery of life forming in a pregnant woman, So you’ll never understand the mystery at work in all that God does.

But God is clear about one thing. He is the one who created you in your mother’s womb. He is the source of all life, and you are part of his plan:

Psalm 139:13-14
You are the one who put me together inside my mother’s body, and I praise you because of the wonderful way you created me.

God tells us that we are human even before our birth. We are his creation even before our birth; he is caring for us even before we are born:

Isaiah 44:2
I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born.

God Knows Each of Us While We Are in the Womb
Clearly, God knew us from well before the point of conception and knew that we would be born and live the lives that we are presently living! There are plenty of examples of this in scripture. There are many times when God says that he knew someone before they were born and while they were yet in their mother’s womb. Cain, Samuel Isaac and Ruth are specifically described in this way. God says that he knew all of these people while they were yet in the womb. And Look at how he describes the prophet Jeremiah:

Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

God Sees the Fetus as Fully Human
But in addition to this, God tells us that He sees the unborn as fully human. This is described again and again in scripture, but perhaps the best example is that of John the Baptist. Do you remember the scene in the Gospel of Luke, when mary becomes pregnant with Jesus through the power of God and travel to tell her cousin Elizabeth? Elizabeth is pregnant wioth John the Baptist and scripture tells us that as soon as Mary and Elizabeth came together, John did something quite human:

Luke 1:39-45
At that time Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea, where she entered Zechariah’s home and greeted Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. In a loud voice she exclaimed: “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear! But why am I so favored, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy.

You Shall Not Murder
In God’s eyes, the unborn are no different than the newborn. Life is given to us by God at the point of conception and when we abort that life, we are committing murder. And we already know how God feels about murder. Take a look at an important part of the Ten Commandments:

Exodus 20:13
You shall not murder.

There Is An Option
So what are we to tell those young women who are pregnant and don’t want to keep the baby? Are they to believe that abortion is the only option? Are they to believe that there is not other option? Of course not, but the option we would encourage them to take is the path of greater sacrifice for sure. The best option is ADOPTION. But it sometimes may feel like it would be a lot easier to just terminate the pregnancy! That would be the quickest way out, for sure. But there are a number of potential dangers in the abortion procedure and in the fallout following an abortion. These include death, increased risk of breast cancer, cervical, ovarian and liver cancer, the risk of uterine perforation, cervical lacerations and increased risk of handicapped newborns in later pregnancies. in addition to all of this, recent studies indicate that women who have had abortions have a lower general health following the procedure and for the rest of their lives. These findings support previous research which reported that during the year following an abortion women visited their family doctors 80% more for all reasons and 180% more for psychosocial reasons.

I will agree that carrying a pregnancy to full term and then giving the baby up for adoption is quite a burden in some ways, but it is the kind of sacrifice that is honored by God. When we love the unborn, we are demonstrating the love of God. When we love the helpless, we are demonstrating the love of God. When we love those who have no voice, we are demonstrating the love of God. And when we do this for them, we are actually doing it for God:

Matthew 25:40
“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

But as Christians, we also have a burden and responsibility in all of this, even if we are not the ones who get pregnant and have to face the prospects of an unwanted pregnancy. If we are asking the world to give up these children for adoption, who is going to take care of them. When I get in arguments with people on the issue of abortion, they will sometimes ask me how many kids I am willing to adopt if I am going to argue for this option. I tell them two! I am an adoptive parent for that very reason. I know that God loves the unborn!

Do you realize that there are over 2 million homes that are willing to adopt children right now in the United States? They are sometimes restricted by a number of regulations and bureaucratic problems and it is very difficult to connect available parents with existing children. I can tell you that from experience. Instead of spending so much time disposing of infants, we ought to be spending the time connecting them to parents who already want them!

But is there anything that you can do to play a part in all of this, even while you are young and unable to adopt formally? Of course there is. All of us can look around us and see the need, then join in to love those that the world has already rejected. Where can we volunteer, how can we support the cause for Life? How can we share this truth with the world around us? These are the challenges we are facing, and I pray that all of us will get off the fence and ACT for God’s Glory!

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