What’s So Special About Christianity?

What's So Special About ChristianityAll World Views Are Not Created Equally
Each and every world view takes a position regarding Eternity. Even those who don’t believe in God, still take a position about heaven. No belief is, in fact a position of belief in itself. Atheists, therefore, hold a belief system of there own; a system in which they have decided for themselves the nature of eternity.

If you’re an Atheist
You deny that there is a God, have no belief in supernatural phenomena, and, (therefore), no belief in an afterlife.

All the world’s religious belief systems, on the other hand, believe that humans have the ability to work their way into God’s presence through some set of good behaviors that they perform. Regardless of religious system, all proclaim a simialr truth: you, as a simple human can control your eternal destiny:

If you’re a Jew
You obey the Ten Commandments

If you’re Muslim
You obey the Five Pillars of Faith

If you’re a Buddhist
You obey the implications of the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path

If you’re a Baha’i
You must keep the Baha’i Law

If you’re a Hindu
You must perform good deeds (Karma Yoga), work to attain a state of consciousness in meditation (Jnana Yoga), or perform acts of worship, temple rituals, and pilgrimages (Bhakti Yoga)

If you’re a Jehovah’s Witness
You must perform good works that fulfill God’s will

If you’re a Scientologist
You must work toward spiritual enlightenment and an attainment of brotherhood with the universe

If you’re a Mormon
You obey the Ten Commandments of Judaism, every commandment of Jesus, and the teachings of all the Mormon Prophets!

And All of These Systems Are Fatally Flawed
Notice a similarity here? All these worldviews are dependant on the thoughts or works of men. You either think you are smart enough to explain it all (Atheism), or think you can somehow unite yourself to God through your own good works (all religious beliefs). We want you to be convinced that orthodox Christianity stands alone, in isolation, proclaiming the divine reality of GRACE (the undeserved free gift of salvation):

If you’re a Christian
You are convinced that God is too powerful to be impressed with good deeds and that there is nothing you can do as a mere mortal to earn your way to heaven. Amazingly, God simply offers something that he has already done for you.

The One Left Standing
If there truly is a God powerful enough to create everything we see, then this God is certainly powerful enough to bring us home. A powerful God is not impressed with the works of men. A powerful God does not need our help. A powerful God is fully able to get the job done on His Own. Happily, there is one faith system that reflects these truths about the nature of God. There is only one ancient understanding of God that recognizes the fact that God alone is the only being powerful enough to save you. That ancient set of beliefs is called Christianity, and it is rooted in verifiable history.

Don’t Settle For a Poor Copy
If I placed the true Mona Lisa painting in a room along with copies that I painted myself, you would notice two things. First, you would notice that there is only one true Mona Lisa, and all the rest of the paintings would differ from the original (even though they might share common characteristics as copies). You would know the true painting; it would stand out from the rest. It would have the property of “singularity” which would mark it as true.

The second thing you would notice is the fact that all the other paintings would be the obviously imperfect work of someone who is far less gifted than the inspired artist. One painting in the room would reflect the nature of a gifted artisan and creator, the rest would reflect the nature of an ordinary man.

Be Convinced
You can be convinced that orthodox Christianity stands alone, in singularity, proclaiming the divine notion of GRACE (the undeserved free gift of salvation). All other belief systems share a common logical flaw: they have no true understanding of this free gift. That’s because only one notion of salvation comes from God. That’s why it has such a radically different concept. But doesn’t it make sense that God’s truth would identify Him as the only source of salvation, while the hopeless desire of men through the ages would argue that we can somehow save ourselves? One truth comes from God, while ALL the others come from men.

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