What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?

Gagnon poster slidesGagnon-graphicSome difficult questions are easier to avoid than others. The question about homosexuality might be one of those if it weren’t for cultural pressures and our loved ones who find themselves in the middle. Whether we take the traditional position or the new gay-affirming side, there’s a lot at stake.

Traditional:  If we wrongfully condemn homosexual practice as sinful, we may be depriving people of God-given sexual pleasure and intimacy. Worse, we’re implicitly compelling our friends to needlessly turn away from God when arguing that homosexual behavior is contrary to God.

Gay-affirming:  If we wrongly teach homosexual behavior is morally neutral – even God-honoring – when it’s not, we’re teaching a lie and compelling people to sin. Worse, we are encouraging people to part company with God in this life, and if unrepentant, for eternity.

It’s in light of this conundrum that I chose to cover homosexuality today. How the church addresses the issue is perhaps the biggest complaint against Christians by the secular culture and a growing number of churches are moving from the traditional to the gay-affirming position. What’s worse, churches stay silent while millions of church members leave services each Sunday without a clue how to address the topic. It’s for this reason I sought out a foremost expert in this area to help answer this pressing question. I hope you’ll watch this engaging 72 minute interview with Dr. Robert A. Gagnon and look forward to your comments.

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  1. Douglas Beachler says:

    Would have been a good interview if I could have heard Dr Gagnon. Question- How many homosexuals come to a church to find salvation vs those who come to “crash the party”? It seem that there is more of the latter, to the point that sin is never preached upon lest you hurt someones feelings. If there is no sin, there is no need to repent. This philosophy will result in countless souls being lost. As one who loves his brother, how can we guide someone away from sin if we can’t define it?

  2. Robin Owen says:

    I love the site but the audio in this important video is so poor that I’m having a hard time understanding what’s being said.

  3. Rick Stuart says:

    Don’t you have the traditional and gay affirming headlines backwards?

  4. Lawrence Walkup says:

    It doesn’t matter where a culture is headed. Truth has been established in the Bible, and it’s there as long as there’s time. Man doesn’t determine right and wrong. The one who made man determines that. The homosexual’s thinking needs to be addressed. His problem isn’t with people…it’s with God. Everybody has lusts and most Christians know not to act on them. At best everybody is probably born with some kind of a predisposition; but it doesn’t mean you have to act on it (welcome to the life of the flesh). Romans 1:27 uses the word abandoned (nasb). You have to be there in the first place, before you can abandon it. Sounds like a choice is being made to engage in this. Homosexuality is nothing more than another one of the fruits of unbelief.

  5. Joel Britton says:

    The audio is terrible. Is there any way to clean it up or another avenue I can watch this?

    • Dan says:

      Sorry for the poor quality. We were new at getting the technology to work properly and hope to clean this up for a future post. Thanks.

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