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It’s our desire to raise up a new generation of Christian Case Makers who stand firm in their faith, ready to defend Christianity in a world that is often hostile to the Biblical worldview we hold. We envision a new family of God, prepared to reason through the complexity of their trust in Jesus Christ, and defend their positions in the secular community (Click HERE for our Statement of Faith).

PleaseConvinceMe.com was born from an honest search for answers to the most important questions of life. The PleaseConvinceMe Team is filled with questioners and skeptics who continue to be passionately involved in the search for truth. We are just regular people with jobs and families to raise, but our passion for truth has driven us to prepare ourselves as Ambassadors for Jesus and to engage the culture. The articles, blog posts, podcasts and videos found here are simply the result of our personal inquiries, honestly revealed to those of you who might be interested in joining us on the journey.

Al : PleaseConvinceMe.com

Al was raised in a Christian home. Like many other young Christians, he didn't encounter many challenges to his faith until he started attending University. In fact, the challenges and objections of the secular culture became most apparent for Al when he was attending Law School at UC Berkeley in the 1980's. He was in his late twenties by this time, and he found himself unable to answer the objections of atheists or to explain exactly why he believed Christianity was true. Al found himself taking the path that many other young Christians take under such pressure. During this time, Al was introduced to the writings of C.S. Lewis and he realized that Christianity was rational and reasonable. From this point forward, Al pursued his interest in apologetics, in the tradition of "faith seeking understanding." Al has been a criminal prosecutor for the past twenty-three years, developing a deep understanding for the role that evidence plays and the process by which a cases are made. He continues to apply what he learns in the courtroom to his examination of the Christian truth claims. Al is married with three children, is an avid sailor, and has coached softball and baseball for more years than he can remember. Al is a contributor at the PleaseConvinceMe Blog.

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Aaron : PleaseConvinceMe.com

Aaron grew up in a Christian home and placed his trust in Jesus at a young age, but it wasn’t until he began engaging in conversation with non-Christian friends and family members that he was challenged to start examining what he believed and why he believed it. It was during this journey into apologetics that Aaron discovered the solid, rational basis for the Christian worldview. The continued study, increased knowledge, and growth in confidence led to a desire to help show others what he was so excited to find out himself: Christianity can be shown to be true! This passion eventually led him to Biola University where he pursued a MA in Christian Apologetics. He is currently working toward a second MA in Theology at Talbot School of Theology. Aaron’s interests include a variety of subjects relating to theology, philosophy, and apologetics. When he is not spending time with his family he enjoys reading, writing, lifting weights, and training in mixed martial arts. He is a Deputy Sheriff in Southern California where he has worked in custody operations and as a part-time arrest and control technique instructor. Aaron has had the great privilege of speaking at local churches and high school groups on various topics including apologetics, abortion, Islam, moral relativism, Mormonism, and the problem of evil. He is honored to be part of the PleaseConvinceMe team. Aaron is a contributor to the PleaseConvinceMe Blog.

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Dan : PleaseConvinceMe.com

Nothing makes Dan happier watching someone change their mind about Jesus. The hope and honor to be part of that process is what drives him. In 2008 Dan earned a Masters of Arts with honors in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. Graduate school provided a well-rounded education in defending the Christian worldview with tools to supplement Dan's inquisitive nature. He enjoys reading and writing on a variety of apologetics issues but specializes on the historical case for the resurrection of Jesus. While there are many worthy Christian doctrines, Dan considers the bodily resurrection of Christ to be the "game-changer." It was for him anyway. Though Dan comes from a lineage of believers, his faith grew nominal in his teen years to the point of serious doubt in college. This led him to investigate Christianity for himself by reading scholarly arguments on all sides. Ultimately, Dan found the skeptic's arguments untenable and was overwhelmed by the case for Christ. Emboldened by the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus in validation of his divine claims, Dan recommitted his life to the task of sharing this with others. This changed Dan's life in what he says can only be real supernatural agency at work. In 2010 Dan moved from Orange County to Arizona where he accepted a transfer in his position as a Federal Criminal Investigator. Dan has participated in and organized debates between Christians and a variety of challengers. He volunteers as an alumni adviser to undergrads at his college fraternity, enjoys a good workout, time with his family, reading, and teaching at his home church in Tucson. Dan loves surfing but has shifted his interest to trail running in desert canyons. Dan is a contributor to the PleaseConvinceMe Blog.

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Jassen: PleaseConvinceMe.com

Jassen was raised a Roman Catholic but became an atheist after leaving home and joining the military at age 18. By the age of 37 (as a Robbery Homicide Detective in Southern California and an Iraq Combat Veteran) Jassen was still an atheist with major objections related to the nature of good and evil. That year, however, he sought the truth about God when his wife was saved in a Christian Reformed Church. Jassen spent the next few years examining the evidence of God and the truth claims of Christianity and became a believer and Christ follower. After being baptized in Texas and furthering his studies in Bible theology and Apologetics, Jassen became fueled with a passion for the Gospel and cultural Apologetics. Jassen has a BA in Psychology and intends to pursue his Masters in Apologetics from BIOLA University in the fall of 2013. Jassen lives in Vermont with his wife of 19 years and their three children. He is currently employed as an Investigator for the State of Vermont.

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Neil : Please Convince Me

Neil grew up in home that was somewhat Christian. While he did attend church from time to time, it wasn't until he turned 25 when he got saved. After Neil's conversion, he had many questions, and he was not satisfied with leaving his questions unaddressed. He has spent thousands of hours researching evangelism and apologetics since his conversion in 2007. He attended the Ambassador’s Alliance evangelism training in 2011 which only increased his desire to share the gospel in everyday life. As a teacher who has worked with students from kindergarten to college, he has a special place in his heart for young people to take seriously the command for all believers to share the gospel and to be ready to defend the faith. Neil founded “Soul-Winning Students” in 2012 with the intent to provide students with the tools they need to lovingly defend and share their Christians faith. Neil lives with his wife Jennifer in Yakima, Washington where he also teaches in the public school system.

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Tim : PleaseConvinceMe.com

Tim always knew that God was real and present in his life. He was raised Catholic but rebelled in his teens; not to drugs and sex, but to Protestant Christianity, becoming baptized and attending Bible studies. While earning his degree in Biochemistry at Chapman University and taking a world religions class, he realized that he was woefully unprepared to defend what he believed, debating points with his professor, a leader in the Jesus Seminar. Years later he struggled with depression and the intensely personal despair that was associated with infertility for his wife. It brought Tim to a place where he surrendered everything to God and his life changed again. Working in youth and music ministry Tim met Jim and other great mentors who set him on a journey of exploring apologetics, philosophy and theology. This experience allowed Tim to worship God with his mind, as well as his heart and soul. Tim considers himself to be a "regular guy". He coaches soccer and likes to spend time with his family doing fun things. He sometimes wonders where God is taking him as he is being transformed. While Tim may not know what it is that God is preparing for him, he is committed to worshipping God with his life, as he studies God's Word and compares it with what he sees in the world around him, trying always to be an ambassador for Christ. Tim is the PleaseConvinceMe Blog administrator and is a contributor to the PleaseConvinceMe Article Archive.

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Brent : PleaseConvinceMe.com

Brent was introduced to Christianity as a child in a nominal Christian home, attending church infrequently and sporadically as he grew up. As a result, he found himself ignorant of what it really meant to be a Follower of Jesus or to live out the Christian faith. As a young man, he lived his life as a "practical atheist"; his belief in God was uninformed and compartmentalized. He believed that some type of "God" existed, but had no clarity and interaction with these beliefs. Brent went through a painful divorce when he was twenty-six that caused him to question and take a hard look at the purpose of life. He read "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis and became convinced that Christianity was verifiably true. He became a follower of Christ with a strong appetite for apologetics. Brent earned a Certificate of Achievement in Christian Apologetics from Biola University in 2001 and became a Certified Ambassador through Stand to Reason. In his time off, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, lifting weights, reading muscle car magazines and arguing for the truth of the Christian worldview through social networking sites. Brent is employed as a Services Officer at a municipal Law Enforcement agency in Southern California and he is a contributor at the PleaseConvinceMe Blog.

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Erin : PleaseConvinceMe.com

Erin grew up in a Christian home but Sunday church attendance was as far as her commitment went. She put her trust in herself, not in Christ. Her world came crashing down during her senior year of high school when she found out she was pregnant. The humbling experience of becoming a single, teen-mom forced her to reflect upon life's big questions and lead her on a journey to faith in Christ. As a new Christian, she realized she had much to learn and wanted grow in her knowledge of God. She enrolled at Biola University and quickly learned to see all areas of life (history, politics, psychology, sociology, education) through a Christian worldview. She studied Political Science and quickly discovered a passion for politics. She also minored in Biblical Studies, which gave her a solid foundation for knowing God and following Him. At Biola, she developed a deep love for learning, which remains with her. She has been married to her husband Brett for 13 years and is a "a stay-at-home mom" with four children. She has a passion for ministry and has worked with youth in the local church for eight years. She currently helps lead a ministry to the wives of seminary students at Talbot School of Theology. She loves to read, especially biographies and anything about U.S. history. Erin also runs and swims in her free time. Erin is a contributor at the PleaseConvinceMe Blog.

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Staci : PleaseConvinceMe.com

Staci was born and raised as a Mormon in Utah. Although she'd always thought she was basically a good person, she had no real foundation in Christ, and her life crumbled in her college and early married years (her marriage eventually failed). At the same time, her father was given a teaching job in his LDS ward. As he seriously began studying the Bible (along with the Mormon texts), he discovered that the Bible often contradicted the Book of Mormon and demonstrated an internal consistency that was missing in Mormon texts. He began to write about his observations and send these writings to Staci for "editing." She can still remember the day she picked up her Bible and realized that it was not too difficult to read (it had always been hard to substantiate Mormonism within its pages). She heard the message of Grace for the first time and trusted God for her salvation. God began the slow process of clearing the clutter out of her life. In those early years, she felt overwhelmed at how much she didn't know. As she learned more, she began to try her hand at answering Mormon questions over email (as a Christian response team for a DVD distribution). She quickly found herself communicating with one of the most aggressive Mormon apologists in Utah and experiences like these prepared her as a Case Maker for the Christian faith. Staci is now remarried and has two children. She is a graduate of Weber State University (where she was the graduate of the year in Mathematics). Staci is a contributor at the PleaseConvinceMe Blog.

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