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Debating Atheists: Arrival of the Universe (part 2/5)

In the previous post of this short blog series found here, I explained how four facts agreed upon by the majority of non-Christian experts can be used to build a strong case for Christianity. This is the approach I took [Read More]

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Debating Atheists: Introduction (part 1/5)

On November 27, 2016, I debated a local atheist leader, retired podiatrist Dr. Gil Shapiro, the spokesperson of Freethought Arizona (video here). I’ve blogged on general post-debate thoughts¬†here¬†but now will cover a series of five consecutive blog posts covering each [Read More]

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Who Created God?

Skeptics and believers agree that the universe demonstrates remarkable order. It operates according to a set of exquisitely fine-tuned laws that create an environment fit for human life. Even a minor change to any one of these laws would have [Read More]

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