Please Convince Me Videos


Please Convince Me Interview Videos
Videos from television interviews that J. Warner conducted related to a variety of Christian topics and issues – Watch Interview Videos


Please Convince Me Investigative Videos
Videos that chronicle some of Jim’s professional Cold Case investigations as seen on television over the years – Watch Training Videos


Please Convince Me Missions Videos
Videos that provide examples of apologetic missions trips and fellowship activities that are designed to change the Christian culture – Watch Missions Videos


Please Convince Me Radio Videos
Videos that were created from excerpts of some of Jim’s radio interviews or appearances across the country – Watch Radio Videos


Please Convince Me Television Videos
Short videos (approximately five minutes long) that tackle important challenges to the Christian Faith and Worldview – Watch Television Videos


Please Convince Me Training Videos
Videos recorded at some of J. Warner’s training or teaching sessions on a variety of important topics – Watch Training Videos


Please Convince Me Visualization Videos
Videos that dramatize and visualize important Christian concepts and issues that face the Christian community – Watch Visualization Videos


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